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Apr 11, 2016

Another rail speeder in our collection

A few months ago, a man by the name of Mr. John Holt visited the trolley museum while he and his wife were in Fort Smith attending an event and had some free time on their hands.  During their visit, Mr. Holt indicated that he had a rail speeder in his possession that he was interested in donating to the museum.  Since we have a healthy population of rail speeders and rail equipment vehicles at the museum we were more than happy to accept.


On April 5, 2016 two of our volunteers made the trip to Hoxie, Arkansas were the speeder was located.  While we were there Mr. Holt also had a railroad crossing sign and piece of rail that were donated to the museum as well.


This speeder has definitely seen some better days but our volunteers at the museum are no strangers to restoring old pieces of equipment back to operating condition.  We were able to determine that the speeder is a Fairmont M19 and was owned and operated by the Saint Louis-San Francisco Railway (Frisco).  The good news is that the engine does rotate and that it is for the most part complete.  This speeder will make the sixth Frisco speeder in our collection and bring our total number of speeders up to seven.  (3 M-19s, 1 MT-14, 1 M-9, 1 A5-C  and 1 S-2.  All Fairmont cars)



Over the next few months we will be going over this speeder and start the process of determining what all will need to be done to it but that’s par for the course for us!  If anybody is interested in seeing our speeders in person, we will have a few of them on display for National Train Day, May 14, 2016.  If you would like to see more information on our speeder collection, please click here to go to our collections page.  We are working on getting pictures of all our speeders on our website so please check back from time to time!



We would like to give special thanks to Chris Spain for taking a day off from work and driving to and from Hoxie to bring the speeder to its new home and another special thanks to Mr. John Holt and his family for their donation!

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