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Jul 16, 2017

Making Tracks

Track Work


In our last news article, we talked about how our collection at the museum is growing and that we needed a place to store and display the new pieces.  Over the past couple of months, we have been busy getting our property ready for new track.


With the help of volunteers and equipment, we worked on getting the land located behind "Smithville" cleared out and leveled off for laying track.  Over this past weekend, we reached the point where we were ready to start laying the track.  Taking a break from the normal Saturday routine of cleaning weed choked ditches, the Fort Smith A team assisted the Trolley Museum in preparing for the new track.  This will be the display area for the Planters 25-ton “ Mr. Peanut” engine and the Frisco 1242 caboose that were donated to the Trolley Museum  as mentioned in the previous news article.


When completed, this track will complete a “Y” that will tie (no pun intended) back into our main track and allow us to reverse the direction of the #224 streetcar.  This can be very beneficial when helping us get one end of the streetcar over the underground pit in the car barn for maintenance and repair work. 

We have made good progress thus far, but still have a ways to go on getting the caboose and switches engine to their new home at the Trolley Museum.  We are getting close on the funding needed to transport the caboose from Tulsa to Fort Smith but still need additional funds to load and unload the caboose and 25-ton engine at the trolley museum. 


If you are interested in helping us with this goal, we would ask that you please click on the Donate button.  All donations collected from using the PayPal donation button below go directly towards transporting the caboose and switcher engine to the museum.  Even if it is only $5 dollars (about the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks), every little bit helps.  Thanks!



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