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Saturday: 10AM - 5PM

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Saturday: 10AM - 5PM


Our Collection

Since the Trolley Museum was first founded, we have been continuously adding to our collection of equipment.  Not only do we have electric streetcars in the museum but also a wide variety of other railroad cars and equipment.  Some of the items in our collection are in various stages of restoration, which has to be planned out over the course of several years.  Other items in our collection are on display for all visitors to see.  While you may not see everything in one visit to our museum, we try our best to keep our roster of equipment updated when something new is added to our collection.  To get an idea what is in our collection, please feel free to explore the collection by clicking the images below that have been divided up into specific categories.




Electric Streetcars








Passenger Cars









Freight Cars





















Work Equipment (Speeders)













Motor Buses

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